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The advantages of the MiCax CNC router compared to conventional small CNC machining centres in the field of component machining

Many users use the traditional CNC machining centre to machine small aluminium and plastic parts, which are characterised by low spindle speeds, high machining accuracy, long machining times and low machining speeds. The clamping method is based on a manual platen, and if the part is machined for a long time, the clamping time is negligible in this case in relation to the machining time. This equipment would be suitable.


However, when it comes to short processing times or large parts, the time spent on sheet metal unloading, loading and unloading and clamping of parts is significantly higher than the actual production time of the machine, resulting in extremely low machine productivity. The MiCax CNC router is the perfect solution to this problem.

The MiCax CNC router is equipped with a vacuum table, which makes it easy and fast to fix plates, allowing for the machining of complete plates, multi-layered plates and automatic material-saving nesting, etc. Compared to traditional CNC machining centres, where parts have to be cut and machined first, the MiCax CNC router eliminates time-consuming and labour-intensive manual operations such as cutting and clamping of workpieces. The MiCax CNC router can also save material by eliminating the need for manual operations such as cutting and clamping.

On request, the MiCax CNC router can also be equipped with a highly efficient chip removal system that can suck up most of the chips from the process. This meets the national requirements for environmental protection.

The MiCax team’s advice to customers is to select the right equipment for their requirements and positioning, observe the accuracy, smoothness of the cut edges, processing efficiency, stability of the equipment and existing customer cases.

The MiCax team, with over 20 years of experience in CNC machining of aluminium, engineering plastics, insulation materials and composite parts, has combined advanced technology from Europe and the USA to create the MiCax CNC router. Combining advanced technology from Europe and the USA, the MiCax CNC router is a machine that combines high precision, quality, stability and durability with an excellent price/performance ratio. Customised solutions are available.

Price is determined by value, MiCax, a better choice for customers in the CNC machining industry.

Application industries: PCB equipment, semiconductor equipment, photovoltaic equipment, environmental protection/anti-corrosion/water treatment equipment, filter press equipment, medical equipment, food machinery, boats, special vehicles, aerospace, rail vehicles, automation equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, special transformers and other processing.

Materials processed: aluminium (aluminium honeycomb, aluminium), engineering plastics (PP, PVC, CPVC) insulation materials (laminated cardboard, laminated wood panels), composite materials (carbon fibre, aramid), etc.

MiCax machines are characterised by high efficiency, high precision, stability, durability and smooth, burr-free cut edges. Various size widths can be customised. The starting point is to solve the customer’s needs and bring a cost-effective and quality cutting experience.

Post time: Mar-24-2022