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Feature 1

Much better cut edge quality while using cold cutting than hot cutting

Plasma laser cutting edge: rough or with slag


Waterjet cutting edge: roughness and low precision


MiCax can get precise and smooth cutting edge.


Feature 2

High precision

Better actual cutting accuracy than laser plasma waterjet cutting machines


Feature 3

Energy saving and environmental protection

With MiCax machines, 95% of the aluminium scrap is recycled during processing, with no waste gas, waste water or dust emissions and a clean and tidy environment.


Feature 4

High efficiency

customised with automatic loading and unloading lines, reducing labour costs and improving efficiency MiCax CNC router can also be interfaced with MES to achieve intelligent manufacturing


Feature 5

5 Value Added Service


1, Work closely with clients to optimize processing programs(procedures) so as to make it simpler, faster and more efficient.  

2, Guide and train clients to provide a solution to choose and use tools with low cost and high efficiency.   3, Provide training immediately to clients when clients have key employee turnovers.  

4, Provide fast and one-stop maintenance service to spindle issues.  

5, Build up a platform of CNC routers users so clients can look for orders or share orders when facing orders insufficient or over-whelming.