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MiCax CNC router for honeycomb panels – helping to lighten vehicles

Honeycomb panels (plastic honeycomb panels/composite honeycomb panels/aluminium honeycomb panels) play an extremely important role in the wave of vehicle lightweighting. Honeycomb panels are very widely used in rail vehicles, yachts, aircraft and passenger vehicles due to the following features


1. High load-bearing strength and rigidity

Honeycomb panels have an ideal stress distribution for shear, compression and extension. The honeycomb itself is therefore also subject to ultimate stresses. The surface panels can be made of very thin materials and are available in a wide range of materials, with high weight-bearing rigidity and the highest strength of weight-bearing forces of any existing construction.

2. Very good thermal insulation

The structure of honeycomb panels is made up of numerous small airtight chambers, which prevent convection and provide excellent thermal insulation. Honeycomb panels have better thermal insulation properties than other materials. If the interior is further filled with a soft fireproofing material, the insulation is even better.

3. Higher fatigue resistance

The structure of honeycomb panels is a one-piece structure in which the materials are joined in a continuous manner. As a result, there are no stress concentrations caused by screws or fusion, and the material can be used to its limits because of its excellent fatigue resistance.

4. Good surface flatness

Honeycomb panels are constructed with numerous hexagonal columns to support the surface. This is to prevent further skewing, not only by removing the skew, but also by allowing the small pivots of the honeycomb to remove the shortcomings of the panel, making the surface very flat and aesthetically pleasing.

5. With wide applicability

Honeycomb panels can be used in a wide range of locations and conditions.

6. Excellent economy

The use of honeycomb sandwich panels offers superior economy with light weight, freight savings and energy savings.

7. Superior processing properties

Honeycomb boards are very suitable for CNC router processing, and various shapes, drilling, and slotting can be easily realized. The MiCax CNC router, which is used to process honeycomb boards, has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, stable performance, and long warranty period, and is popular with customers in the vehicle industry. Various specifications, sizes and formats can be customized.


The MiCax team, with over 20 years of experience in CNC machining of aluminium, engineering plastics, insulation materials and composite parts, has combined advanced technology from Europe and the USA to create the MiCax CNC router. Combining advanced technology from Europe and the USA, the MiCax CNC router is a machine that combines high precision, quality, stability and durability with an excellent price/performance ratio. Customised solutions are available.

Price is determined by value, MiCax, a better choice for customers in the CNC machining industry.

Application industries: PCB equipment, semiconductor equipment, photovoltaic equipment, environmental protection/anti-corrosion/water treatment equipment, filter press equipment, medical equipment, food machinery, boats, special vehicles, aerospace, rail vehicles, automation equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, special transformers and other processing.

Materials processed: aluminium (aluminium honeycomb, aluminium), engineering plastics (PP, PVC, CPVC) insulation materials (laminated cardboard, laminated wood panels), composite materials (carbon fibre, aramid), etc.

MiCax machines are characterised by high efficiency, high precision, stability, durability and smooth, burr-free cut edges. Various size widths can be customised. The starting point is to solve the customer’s needs and bring a cost-effective and quality cutting experience.

Post time: Jul-11-2022