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The MiCaxCNC router is the first choice for large-format aluminium sheet undercutting

Aluminium sheet undercutting is the process of cutting a certain shape out of a whole sheet of aluminium material. It is widely used in industries such as aviation, rail transportation, boats and special vehicles;

High speed blanking of 100mm thick inner aluminum plate — MiCaxCNC Router is preferred. It is a high-speed CNC router that integrates cutting, milling, carving, drilling and slotting. MiCax CNC router has the characteristics of high efficiency and accuracy, which is loved by aluminum plate CNC machining enterprises and known as CNC cutting experts.

The MiCax CNC router is made of a steel frame and has an idle speed of 45 m/min and a maximum cutting speed of 30 m/min. The spindle is an 11KW oil-cooled 24,000rpm electric spindle with compact construction, high efficiency, low noise and low vibration.

MiCax CNC router for aluminium sheet cutting in the aerospace industry for thick aluminium sheet cutting


Thick aluminium sheets (thicknesses of 5 to 100 mm or less) have always been a challenge to process. As we all know, the application of aluminium alloy plates, especially thick aluminium plates, in aircraft structures is becoming more and more widespread, and new structures such as integral frames and beams have been adopted in large numbers in the development of various types of aircraft in China. But most of the domestic aviation enterprises for the thick aluminum plate undercutting basically use the ordinary method, that is, drilling, planing edge, milling or using advanced large CNC milling machine undercutting, its technical and economic efficiency is low. In order to solve the problem of thick aluminium plate undercutting, our company has successfully developed a high speed undercutting machine for thick aluminium plates.


MiCax is a new generation of machining equipment with a repeatable positioning accuracy of ±0.05mm, smooth and burr-free cutting edges, no need for secondary grinding and processing, one time forming, cutting collection rate of more than 95%, can be customized according to customer needs;

Shanghai Dindi CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that introduces advanced technology from Europe and the United States and integrates the development, production and sales of high-performance CNC router under the MiCax brand.

The team has more than 20 years of experience in the CNC industry, providing one-stop solutions for the processing of aluminium, engineering plastics, insulation materials and composite sheets.

With the aim of producing high quality, reliable and cost effective industrial grade CNC router.

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Post time: Apr-19-2022