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MiCax large format CNC Router contributes to Chinese aluminium tankers

The conventional tanker body material is steel. As the weight of the tank body accounts for a large proportion of the overall vehicle weight, while the specific weight of aluminium is only about 1/3 that of steel, aluminium alloy is therefore recognised as the ideal material for lightweighting vehicles.


In recent years, it has become quite common in developed countries in Europe and America to use liquid tankers made of aluminium alloys.

The light weight of the aluminum tanker is the use of scientific methods and means to optimize the design of automotive products, that is, under the premise of ensuring the comprehensive functional indicators of the vehicle, through the use of new materials, reduce the weight of the vehicle to achieve the purpose of weight reduction, consumption reduction and environmental protection.

It has been studied that about 60% of the fuel used in a car is consumed by the weight of the car. For every 10 kg reduction in the mass of a car, the fuel loss per kilometre will be reduced by 0.4 L to 0.8 L and CO2 emissions will also be reduced. The corrosion resistance of aluminium alloy tanks is comparable to that of stainless steel tanks, and the strength of the tank body also basically meets the requirements in terms of optimised design. Therefore, the weight of the entire vehicle can be greatly reduced by using aluminium alloy to construct the tank. The weight of a semi-trailer, for example, is 8 85 kg in a steel tank, but only 757 kg in a tank made of aluminium alloy, which saves more than 4 L of fuel per 100 km travelled. While improving the dynamics of the vehicle, pollutant emissions are reduced by more than 10% compared to the original.

The increased fuel efficiency of aluminium tankers means lower fuel consumption and emissions from the vehicle, while the lightweighting of the vehicle also improves its performance.

Apart from its light weight, aluminium has excellent resistance to erosion. Compared to parts made of steel, parts made of aluminium and aluminium alloys are more valuable for recycling. 95% of aluminium alloys can be recycled. If aluminium alloy is used to make the tanker body, the weight of the vehicle can be greatly reduced, saving fuel and reducing energy loss.

MiCax extra-long and extra-large format CNC Routers are widely used in tanker truck lightweighting projects and have won wide acclaim for their excellent machining performance and machining trimming effect. It has also been widely praised for its internal application and promotion in CIMC Group.

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Post time: Jan-02-2022