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MiCax CNC Router MX3015 LTC

Short Description:

The MX Series characterize 45m/min traverse speed, X/Y axis: helical racks , Z: ball screws, and with 6 positions linear tool changer,  table fixed and moving gantry construction in heavy duty steel , the medium-sized CNC Router series output great performance and are highly cost-effective among similar CNC Routers in the market.

Application: For medium-large sized businesses of parts fabrication (plastic,aluminum etc.)

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Working Range  
Table/Length 1500mm
Table/Width 3000mm
Distance from gantry to table 200mm
Min.Distance from Spindle nose end to table 10mm
Max.Distance from Spindle nose end to table 350mm
Max Rapid Traverse Speed X/Y Axis:28m/min Z Axis:15m/min
Max Cutting Speed 20 m/min
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Tool position 6 positions LTC


1、CNC Control System

Syntec control System,Taiwan (Standard)

User-friendly interface,quick and simple operation.

Siemens Control System, German (Optional)



11 KW BT30 24000RPM Automatic tool change spindle

Spindle speed: 0—24000RPM

Cooling Mode: Oil cooling

Spindle noise: Idling noise less than 65db


3、6 Position Linear Tool Changer (LTC)    



Vacuum Table (Standard)

The phenolic worktable can ensure the table flatness, and the work-piece and panel can be fixed on any position of the table quickly and easily.

Different vacuum area is controlled by solenoid valve, convenient and durable

The vacuum pipe is designed with double filter to avoid the mechanical fault caused by scraps.

T-slot worktable (Optional)

You can choose aluminum, steel as T-slot worktable, and it depend on your application.

Steel worktable will be more rigid.


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